Translating our plugin is very easy . We are going to guide you step by step tutorial on how to translate any of our premium plugin to your desired language . If you are well versed in english then it will just take 20 minutes to translate.

Step 1:-

Download your purchased plugin file and extract it into your harddisk . you will have two folders . one is documantation and other is plugin. Your plugin file exists in plugin folder. Just extract plugin zip file. Open your language file from languages folder of plugin. if your language is french then your language file will be like . If your language file is not there then you can simply copy any other language file and replace existing language prefix with your language prefix. For example if you want to translate into german then replace fr_FR with de_dE. Final name of your plugin mo file will be like where xxxx is a plugin language prefix which must be changed .

Step 2:-

Download and  this free software for your desired operating system . Its free to download and easy to install.

Step 3:-

Start poedit software and Open your language mo file with poedit software.  Now you can translate any plugin strings to your desired language . Save the file after translation . Now Plugin will show your translated text.Image 2


You can send the translated files back to us on  if you wish to do so .We will add your name and link to main plugin description page on codecanyon .  If you have any question you can simply ask me directly on